As a Director, Ramon spends a lot of his time behind the camera, but he is equally known for his presenting work as for his directing skills. 

'The Evolution of BSL, a personal journey' broadcast by British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT), saw Ramon give viewers an in-depth look at the history of BSL and an insight into Ramon's own family. This 30 minute documentary has received much praise within the deaf community and has been shortlisted for a number of awards. 

A versatile nature means that Ramon can turn his hand to most roles, from hard-hitting documentaries right through to the beloved children's presenter Professor Know-It-All. 

He's also appeared as part of a number of mainstream programmes, most notedly Channel Four's 'Green Wings' and ITV's 'Comedy Cuts' with Jim Jeffries. Arguably his biggest role has been within the Hollywood blockbuster 'The Beach' where Ramon was whisked off to Thailand for filming.

If you are looking for a BSL presenter then Ramon may be just right man for the job.